Gheorghe Asachi Technical College Botosani organized and hosted, in its festivities’ hall, the Multiplier Event, on Monday, June 27, 2022, starting from 10 o’clock. The guests were: representatives of Botosani County School Inspectorate (2), local authorities (City Hall – 1, Local Council – 1), Botosani County Didactic Staff House (1), economic partners (8 engineers and economists from 4 local enterprises) and educational partners (4 academic teachers from Iasi), didactic and auxiliary didactic staff both from the college (45) and from other several school and high schools in Botosani Municipe and Botosani County (30), pupils (6) and students (2). Their total number was 100, from which 37 were not from the school and not previously involved in any project’s activity.

The main objective of the event was to present the project’s intellectual outputs to the local and regional audience: 

1) presenting Think Inside The Box methodological toolkit; 

2) showing the competencies that learners gain; 

3) sharing good practice examples and experience from the implementation of the pilot course. 

Guests received the prepared promotional materials (a personalized folder, including the event agenda, a flyer and an attendance script). School’s project team also conceived and presented a dedicated roll-up.  

AGENDA: Guests participated at the general presentation of a project, the description of the carried out main activities, and the obtained results, supported by a dedicated photo-video gallery. 

Presentations were followed by several guests’ interventions and short feedback, given by teachers involved in the external piloting activity of the methodological kit developed in the project. The Multiplier event was highly appreciated by all the participants, and promoted on the college’s website and on social media (Facebook).

We believe that the multiplier event has given the participants a real understanding about the Think Inside the Box methodology, which will encourage them to try it out themselves.